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The birth of our first daughter 5 years ago was, while an amazing day, very tense. I felt anxious. I felt afraid. I felt like I was at the mercy of the hospital staff. I ended up with a pitocin induction and a slew of medical interventions. When we found out we were expecting our second, I knew I wanted a different birthing experience. Enter Rachael. Ahhh, Rachael! There are no words to describe what a difference she made for us. During my pregnancy, she met with me several times... she always made me feel informed, encouraged and prepared. She took time to get to know us and our wishes for the birth. As my due date came and went and I was facing the threat of another induction, I received (sometimes daily) messages from Rachael checking on me. She was genuinely concerned about our well being. Then when the big day came (naturally... yay!) she was there. She made THE difference during my labor! I felt empowered by her! I was able to have a beautiful, intervention free, natural birth... and as I write this there is the most precious little baby girl sleeping in the next room. I had expected help during the labor and delivery... however, what surprised me most was the support she gave before and after. I am confident if Rachael hadn't been a part of our team we wouldn't have had such a positive experience. If you are looking for a support person who is knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated then Rachael is the one for you. We would recommend her to anyone!---Valerie

She was truly the wind beneath my wings and made my vbac possible--- Jami

Rachael was an amazing help. Not only for me but for my partner. We would pay for her over and over again. No price could pay for the love and compassion she showed us.


Rachael was an angel sent to us from God. We had a doula when our first child was born. However, she is now 5 hours away and it would be impractical for her to be our doula the second time around. I searched for a doula in Kansas online, though our OB and from friends with no luck. As a last resort, I posted a pathetic plea on craigslist asking anyone for help or information. Within an hour I had an email from Rachael. From her email I could tell we would be a match but from prior experiences I knew we needed to meet. Our first meeting was going to be brief so I took my husband and 3 year old along. That was a mistake. We ended up talking for 3 hours. Rachael and I met 3 more times before the birth to prepare and never once did I feel like we were in a client/provider relationship. It was more like a really knowledgeable friend was going to help me though all of this. She is so passionate about what she does and makes sure you are confident about every decision you are making. She helped me to come to terms with the fact that I am unable to control every situation, especially this one, and that as long as we are all healthy and safe that is the ultimate outcome. Anything more then that would be a bonus! When the birthday finally arrived, Rachael was there the entire time. I am a very independent person and I needed someone who would be there when I needed them and would take a step back when I didn't. If I was unsure about something, Rachael would pose all the possibilities and then offer her advice and opinion without being pushy or judgmental. As many times as I would say that there was not way I could do it, she would kindly remind me that I was already was. My husband told me that he was most grateful for Rachael when I was in pain. It has got to be awful for a partner to see the woman they love in pain and they are unable to do anything to stop it. He said Rachael would lay her hands on me and I would instantly relax just from her touch. At the time I did not realize that was the case but as I look back I remember feeling so calm with Rachael there with us. After 19 hours of labor, our beautiful daughter was born. I know in my heart that we would not have had the amazing birth experience we wanted without Rachel's help. Even the nursing staff commented on how amazing she was. One nurse told us she had been working with doulas for years and Rachael was the most impressive and supportive doula she had ever met. WE felt the same way. Since the birth of our daughter I have spoken to Rachael at least twice a week. WE had a lot of problems at the beginning with breast feeding. Rachael was there with me every step of the way. Whether it was with websites for lactation cookies, support group information, or just to listen to me cry she never made me feel like I was a burden. That meant so much to me because after the baby is born is almost harder then the birth itself and that is when you really need the help! Needless to say we would recommend Rachael to ANYONE looking for a doula. However, I will warn you, you are in for so much more then you bargained for. She was worth every penny paid and more!!

Amy and Cory